Welcome to South Atlantic Contract Packaging

South Atlantic Leadership (l-r): Steve Burns, COO; Julian Bossong, CEO;
Pat Grantham, Chief Sales Officer and Pat Landry, CFO


South Atlantic offers efficiency and excellence in contract packaging (which means a lot less stress for our clients)

In contract packaging, every day is different. Every job is unique. This requires flexibility, ingenuity and technical know-how on the part of our leadership team and employees. It means that when a client calls and says they need 2,711 pallet-size kits for a project that absolutely has to be finished by Monday, our response is “let’s get started.” We’re able to mobilize crews at a moment’s notice, scale up or down as needed, work 24/7 and deliver jobs on time, within budget and meet every quality standard.

Manufacturing problems are no problem here.

If you’re looking for a packaging company that can handle requests from a simple wrap to a sophisticated supply chain project using cutting edge tracking software, we’d love to talk to you. Contact us today at pat_grantham@southatlanticpackaging.com.


What We Offer (That Makes Us a Great Partner for Manufacturers)


Expertise in Contract Packaging

South Atlantic Packaging leads the way for companies who need a flexible, knowledgeable, quality certified partner in contract packaging. Let us help you from start to finish or jump in when the pressure is on.


24/7 Cloud-Based Inventory and Production Tracking

We’re proud to offer Pack Manager, the leader in tracking technology, to our clients. This leading edge software allows for lot-code, date code and product recall features. We also use Q-Cloud to track and ensure we meet every quality standard.


AIB, Kosher, FDA, EPA and SAI Global Certifications

South Atlantic offers a clean, efficient, food-certified assembly and production environment that operates under the highest quality controls.


A Well-Trained, Scalable Workforce to Meet Your Project Needs

South Atlantic can quickly scale up or down our workforce to finish jobs on time, on budget.


Embed Opportunities

South Atlantic Packaging partners with highly automated manufacturing companies and third party logistics providers to offer onsite contract packaging embeds. We hire the workforce, provide quality assurance and get the job done — while you focus on something else.


Location, Location, Location

South Atlantic Packaging is based in Winston-Salem, NC, with a partner company, ProStar Company, in Pennsylvania. Both companies are strategically located to connect with major highway systems for faster, cost-efficient transportation. We can also embed to make logistics a snap.


We're Flexible

What works for one project might not be the right solution for another. We attribute part of our success to being flexible. Need us to rework 100,000 packages? No problem. Need us to assemble 30,000 kits in a short period of time? Let’s get started. We’re problem solvers. And we’d love to help you.


Nice People

Well, it matters. Our leadership has a vast amount of experience in contract packaging, leading teams, logistics, quality control and working with high-tech machinery. And they’re also good folks.

News & Recent Projects

South Atlantic Celebrates Earth Day 2019

South Atlantic Celebrates Earth Day 2019

What a beautiful day to celebrate Earth Day 2019 at South Atlantic Packaging! Forty-nine years ago the first Earth Day celebrations were held to bring awareness to protecting our Earth and its natural resources. This year, the theme for Earth Day is Protect Our...

South Atlantic Achieves a Superior AIB Rating Again

South Atlantic Achieves a Superior AIB Rating Again

We're excited to announce that South Atlantic achieved a Superior AIB rating again during its annual review for 2019. The AIB recertification involved a thorough GMP review and inspection of our facility. This rating reassures our clients that we are remaining focused...

South Atlantic Wears Red to Bring Awareness to Heart Health

South Atlantic Wears Red to Bring Awareness to Heart Health

February is National Heart Health month and our team turned out in red to show their support and remind our teammates to make healthy choices for better heart health. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and...

Starting 2019 Off Right

Starting 2019 Off Right

South Atlantic's team recently sent a large box of food and canned goods to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC. This successful food drive was organized by members of the South Atlantic team. The canned food drive was part of South Atlantic's commitment to...

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Today our company celebrated Earth Day by planting a cherry tree in front of our beautiful new building at 3928 Westpoint Boulevard. This was not an exceptionally large tree, or a perfect vista on our property, but the act of pausing during our workday to think about...

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018!

Wishing everyone joy and prosperity in the new year! We want to express our gratitude to all of our customers, team members and suppliers - because of you we were able to grow dramatically in 2017. Cheers to the new year.

South Atlantic Contract Packaging Has a New Logo

We're excited to announce that our company has a new logo. We believe this is a strong, inviting, memorable visual graphic with an approachable feel that represents our capabilities as a rising leader in the contract packaging business and our commitment to excellence...

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