South Atlantic offers efficiency and excellence in contract packaging
(which means a lot less stress for our clients)

In contract packaging, every day is different. Every job is unique. This requires flexibility, ingenuity and technical know-how on the part of our leaders and team members. It means that when a customer needs a big project that absolutely must be finished in short order, our response is “Let’s get started.”

We’re part of a family of contract packaging companies,

including ProStar Packaging in Pennsylvania and Versatile Packagers in Florida, further enhancing our capabilities to mobilize crews at a moment’s notice, scale up or down as needed, work 24/7 and deliver jobs on time, within budget and meet every quality standard.

With four strategic locations, we have:

  • A leadership team with more than 200 years’ collective experience in contract packaging, to anticipate and adapt
  • Nearly 775,000 square feet in production area, to scale
  • More than 700 team members, to deliver
  • Teams currently embedded in seven customer locations, showing results

And we’re close to your customers: our locations are within 250 miles of 143 million Americans.

Speaking of quality (and safety),

it’s assured through the certifications that we continue to maintain across our companies, including AIB International, SQF, FDA and OTC – just a few of the many official quality and safety endorsements we hold.

Our goal: To be America’s go-to contract packager.

What will enable us to earn that position? Here’s a message from our CEO Julian Bossong.

What we offer (that makes us a great partner for manufacturers)

Expertise in Contract Packaging

We lead the way for companies who need a flexible, knowledgeable, quality-certified partner in contract packaging.

24/7 Cloud-Based Inventory and Production Tracking

Our cutting-edge technology allows us to track and trace every pallet that enters and leaves our warehouse and ensures we meet every quality standard for our clients.

AIB, Kosher, FDA and EPA Certifications

We offer a clean, efficient and food-certified assembly and production environment that operates under the highest quality controls.

A Well-Trained, Scalable Workforce to Meet Your Project Needs

We can quickly scale our workforce up or down to finish jobs on time and on budget.

Embed Opportunities

South Atlantic Packaging partners with highly automated manufacturing companies and third party logistics providers to offer onsite contract packaging embeds. We hire the workforce, provide quality assurance and get the job done — while you focus on something else.

Location, Location, Location

South Atlantic Packaging is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with an enterprise facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, and partner companies ProStar Packaging in Pennsylvania and Versatile Packagers in Florida. Our companies are strategically located to connect with major highway, rail and airport systems for faster, cost-efficient transportation. We can also embed to make logistics a snap.

We're Flexible

What works for one project might not be the right solution for another. Problem solvers by nature, we take pride in finding flexible solutions for every client.

Nice People

Having people you can rely on matters. Our leadership has a vast amount of experience in contract packaging, leading teams, logistics, quality control and working with high-tech machinery.

We’re supported by Wheelhouse,

which provides fundamental, best-in-class business processes, systems, and equipment to our family of contract packaging companies, so we can focus on what we do best: serving our customers with quality, agility, and the personal attention to which we’re dedicated.

Let's Get Started

Manufacturing problems are no problem here. If you’re looking for a packaging company that can handle requests from a simple wrap to a sophisticated supply chain project using cutting edge tracking software, we’d love to talk to you. Contact us today.

News & Recent Projects

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South Atlantic Recognized As “Fast 40” N.C. Company

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Reading is AIB Certified

Reading is AIB Certified

Our sister company, ProStar Packaging, just successfully underwent a short-notice AIB audit of its Reading, Pennsylvania facility. Its SQF certification is forthcoming. AIB is the international pioneer and leader in food safety auditing and education, certifying best...