Today, we are seeing a different economic shift – one that might be linked to inflation and recession fears, or perhaps overstocks of inventory. 

In the face of pushback in pricing from retailers and value-conscious consumers, many CPGs are betting that repacking their products from single units into larger, bundled “value packs” will appeal to consumers with inflation or recession worries. That’s where co-packers come in. Today, we are working on creating lots of multi-pack solutions that help increase product throughput, reduce costs and perhaps repurpose and repackage backlogged inventory to get it moving faster. 

Here are three recent examples from our customers:

Economical & EcoFriendly Multi-Packs
DeMert Brands is looking for ways to sell value by offering multi-packs in retail stores.  In addition to providing value to the consumer, this more eco-friendly package does not use plastics.  In addition, the printed SBS allows them to get more “billboard” space on the package to sell their brand.



Cost-Effective Tray Display
Another example from DeMert: this club store item provides value to the consumer and amortizes the cost of packaging with more inventory in a single display.  Using a printed shrink sleeve is a great way to sell multi-packs by bundling the product in a cost-effective way.



“Rebooting” to a Two-Pack
Our Versatile team worked with Sawyer Products to develop a two-pack in a “boot” concept where the boot covers the single bottle UPC code and maintains branding with product information on the base.  The package is presented in a clean-looking shrink wrap with a 52-gauge soft shrink polyolefin film.