In October, our sister facility, ProStar, got an urgent call from a high-end candy manufacturer in crisis. They needed quick turnaround of a lot of product—including gift box assembly and pallet loading. We had been on this company’s radar for a few months, and they knew we were ready and able.

We first received their call on Tuesday, October 20 and submitted our quote the next day. We were hired on Friday, and the first shipment of candy arrived at our facility on Monday, October 26. Over the coming weeks, we worked multiple lines and multiple shifts to reach our target.

Throughout this process and the subsequent project, we focused on meeting the customer’s tight quality standards and stringent food safety requirements. Because of this, we had continuous quality control, which included count, weight, physical checks, and temperature maintenance – completing the project with an excellent waste factor of less than 1%. We carefully tracked all products for quality control and maintained pallet traceability to keep the high level of transparency that we strongly value with all our customers.

We quickly created a plan for this company because we were ready to adapt and merge with their standing processes. We incorporated our own high standards with the customer’s high standards, and with face-to-face communication and proactive problem-solving, this case perfectly represents how we like to work—closely with the needs of the customer.

All of our work for this customer had an important deadline—the holiday season. Their initial goal of 1,400 pallets was finished by December 3, which was just in time for their delivery goals. Thanks to the continuous communication with the customer and our team’s stellar performance, we successfully made every shipment on time, and delivered 22,579,200 units of candy… making the holidays a little sweeter.

This project then continued into packaging for Valentine’s Day and by the end, we produced another 7,500 displays on 234 pallets!