Today our company celebrated Earth Day by planting a cherry tree in front of our beautiful new building at 3928 Westpoint Boulevard. This was not an exceptionally large tree, or a perfect vista on our property, but the act of pausing during our workday to think about our environment was I believe, significant. Many of our employees, line leaders and staff members took turns first digging the large hole and then refilling it with the soil. I work with a truly incredible group of people and there is a lot of comradery throughout our team. Every day I see members of our team bring such positive attitudes to our building. They walk in ready to work. Ready to solve problems. Ready to invent something new and work on a project we’ve never encountered before. I am grateful for our employees today and thankful for the beauty of Winston-Salem, North Carolina where South Atlantic is located. Happy Earth Day to all. ~Julian Bossong, CEO