Resiliency does not happen overnight. It’s the result of smart investments and a can-do mindset. In last month’s newsletter we discussed how we have responded with the first ingredient to maximize resiliency – sizable investments in our capabilities for the benefit of our customers.  This month, we are book-ending our conversation with a focus on entrepreneurial priorities:

Five Ways Entrepreneurial Co-Packers Can Invest:

  • Ensuring labor resources are available and scalable in all facilities via redundant relationships with leading staffing partners
  • Maintaining a decentralized org structure and adding local operations directors, project coordinators, quality technicians and maintenance technicians so decision-making is local and execution is instant.
  • Deploying highly experienced resources and connecting business development and operations teams so timelines for requests, quotes and deployments are shortened to hours and days rather than weeks.
  • Establishing a best-in-class training program on co-packing best practices so that on-the-ground resources are appropriately prepared for the unexpected.
  • Continuously building on highly responsive and specialized corporate resources that provide financial analysis, HR, quality and IT expertise that are 100% focused on co-packing

We have invested heavily in each of the above five ways to ensure that the “can do” culture we established in the last 20 years will serve us well in the next 20 years.